Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions… I’m Dead Otherwise

Somewhere, I think between Christmas ham with scalloped potatoes and New Year’s Eve alcohol excess, we dream up promises of banal changes to our lives. This is doable, as if a thought will halt my six decades of eating palatable food in favor of safer cardboard can be accomplished on January 01 in the midst of a hangover. Cream the butter and dream on, MacDuff.

But somehow the reaper, Old Man, snuck into my particular comedy and juiced the bouncer. No sooner have I metaphorically licked the final Christmas card stamp for the happy greetings card and annual letter then Old Man plays a dirty trick. There is little more convincing support for a life change, than a life change.

Why can quitting a bad habit spawn a rash of co-morbidities?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Horse Latitudes

"All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update: December 2010

I've not posted for a while. It doesn't bother me and, no one has suffered; so many out there are frantic for daily posts.  Relax.  This is supposed  to be fun and entertaining.  I've spent my time cruising Blogdom, and poking my nose into other things. It's what I do when I put on my hiking shoes.

I've been busy adding windows to my peeping route.  The lights and shades have dimmed in so many.  One of my most favored rebald ladies has probably faded from her acerbic position as celebrant of lard.  Another is fluttering good-byes from the stern railing--my first blogworld friend--a flower now changing; or, she's dumping her spent stems. The new and brightening windows are a strange lot, although promising to be exciting adventures. 

A couple new windows to this blog have been favored haunts longer than R&R. One is a dynamo of energy. This lady is a mover and a shaker. Damn, you gotta experience her computer chair manners to understand.  It took some time to place a mouth and face to her name--and a name to her pseudonym--but it was probably the most enjoyable "scavanger hunt" I've experienced.  She is not as shy as the 'Belle', but to know me is to know that I am the world's worst gossip, so discover her yourself.

Another blogger posts erratically now.  That's not to say her posts are erratic, however. This girl knows a man's deepest fears and fantasies. She's so good I hesitate to trust her penned gender.  She is not Alexa--that poor, overpriced whore.

TRPD was hit with a sidewinder missle almost on the same day as her announced #1 position for Sex Blogger of 2010. She/he is still on my 'window' list but I doubt a second rebirth will happen.  It's crazy, but the bitch has been on my radar since day one; that's several names ago. I am sure that my hook will snag her next incarnation.  Her psyche has a deep void to fill that darning or cake decorating as self entertainment can never accomplish.

One thing that I do, and I don't see in other bloggers, is simple wipe-out of posts.  If it bothers me, my sensitivities, I clear the sucker away. I like my present position and blog name. I don't feel like abandoning it, even if military stumble in. Yet.

Wish I had a typist....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

House cleaning

I cleaned house. Dusted, and threw-out the bric-a-brac of this blog. Saved what grabs my heart strings, and dump the remainder--it's not a diary, just some time; and, drafts.

Fall does this to me. The season cleans the summer build-up and casts away old and flawed to be recycled. Wind carries summer away and brings in another season. Fall reminds me so much of movement, so much of changes.

It's time to reassess priorities, and strap on the hiker shoes.
Rev. 11-20-2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Voted Today, but Elections are Postponed for More Advertising Income

We get to vote in the comfort of our own homes, now.  Everyone. I've done it for years, "absentee".

This year, completing the ballot was a delightful and exhausting experience! While I filled in the boxes she told me to with a pen in my mouth (full ligature), Mistress flipped the card to the back, and cleaned away messy drool and snot.

It would be nice to think the voting torture was all done, but realize I have to endure another week of phone-mail-internet-and-TV-"Hate-Hell". I spend a lot of my leisure looking at my email, now--imagine ... no spam, there.

>>> ....buzzzzzzz ... We interrupt this mundane, poor income program for the following news regarding :::: ....

However, there is a case before the Supreme Court to legalise Spam, so $$Dollar$$ Candidates (industries and business) can plumb that market vehicle, too.

Both major political parties agreed to pool legal expenses to challenge the "No Spam" barrier. Each party recognises a clearly beneficial outcome for the additional advertising market. The parties were successful in postponing the mid-term elections so the "No Spam" challenge could be heard and therefore cash-in on windfall profits when the Court overturns e-Mail Spam political advertising barriers.

The arguments to be presented to the Court are: One, Spam has the same rights as people, and business [business clarified as legally "people", too]. Second, Spam has been kicked around as bad, and not even healthful as dog food. And, since people won't be allowed to go camping in the near future (where Spam is consumed) because all public land is to be sold to draw-down the national debt ... it's critical to maintain vital American businesses; especially one that just last week changed its image and is moving from beer-and-spaghetti-puke yellow (Fall colors) to eco-Green, due to reduced sodium content that will kill people an astounding 1/3 less quickly.

The anticipated benefits to opening Spam to advertising dollars and improved consumption will be an additional 25 millon jobs ... WHICH everyone knows is far more important than any longterm, or short, hazards  and damage to environment, people, or aligned Industry.  The 100 {sic. 100,000, ed.} jobs presently held in blocking Spam will benefit from tax dollars to retrain as advertisers, and soup-line workers.

Back to regular programming.....

One benefit of early voting: I don't have to hang up the phone in the middle of a volunteer's sentence. I can interrupt and tell them: "I voted for the candidate with the fewest, least obnoxious advertisements." Does anyone remember when they called to remind you just to vote? Or, offer unconditional transportation to the polls?

Next election, I'm only going to vote for the unchallenged judges. I've ignored marking/punching their slots since the second time I ever voted. And, Fred Ziffel may come out of retirement to challenge everyone as a write-in.

Rebellious Voter

PS. Mistress has promised to complete her ballot on my back using a tattoo needle.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spinning Her Trap

She needs no lure
Only coy invitation. Yet,
Spins her trap of
Enhanced appeal, perfection
As one focused beyond.

It must be more than brute hornet
She desires, appreciates.

Pause, linger, fly in; she plays
Invisible bindings to catch
His headlong drive;
Here, sticky candy, enjoy the trip.
The destination remains hers.

Weak, she overwhelms prey
With guile and trap.