Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update: December 2010

I've not posted for a while. It doesn't bother me and, no one has suffered; so many out there are frantic for daily posts.  Relax.  This is supposed  to be fun and entertaining.  I've spent my time cruising Blogdom, and poking my nose into other things. It's what I do when I put on my hiking shoes.

I've been busy adding windows to my peeping route.  The lights and shades have dimmed in so many.  One of my most favored rebald ladies has probably faded from her acerbic position as celebrant of lard.  Another is fluttering good-byes from the stern railing--my first blogworld friend--a flower now changing; or, she's dumping her spent stems. The new and brightening windows are a strange lot, although promising to be exciting adventures. 

A couple new windows to this blog have been favored haunts longer than R&R. One is a dynamo of energy. This lady is a mover and a shaker. Damn, you gotta experience her computer chair manners to understand.  It took some time to place a mouth and face to her name--and a name to her pseudonym--but it was probably the most enjoyable "scavanger hunt" I've experienced.  She is not as shy as the 'Belle', but to know me is to know that I am the world's worst gossip, so discover her yourself.

Another blogger posts erratically now.  That's not to say her posts are erratic, however. This girl knows a man's deepest fears and fantasies. She's so good I hesitate to trust her penned gender.  She is not Alexa--that poor, overpriced whore.

TRPD was hit with a sidewinder missle almost on the same day as her announced #1 position for Sex Blogger of 2010. She/he is still on my 'window' list but I doubt a second rebirth will happen.  It's crazy, but the bitch has been on my radar since day one; that's several names ago. I am sure that my hook will snag her next incarnation.  Her psyche has a deep void to fill that darning or cake decorating as self entertainment can never accomplish.

One thing that I do, and I don't see in other bloggers, is simple wipe-out of posts.  If it bothers me, my sensitivities, I clear the sucker away. I like my present position and blog name. I don't feel like abandoning it, even if military stumble in. Yet.

Wish I had a typist....

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