Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions… I’m Dead Otherwise

Somewhere, I think between Christmas ham with scalloped potatoes and New Year’s Eve alcohol excess, we dream up promises of banal changes to our lives. This is doable, as if a thought will halt my six decades of eating palatable food in favor of safer cardboard can be accomplished on January 01 in the midst of a hangover. Cream the butter and dream on, MacDuff.

But somehow the reaper, Old Man, snuck into my particular comedy and juiced the bouncer. No sooner have I metaphorically licked the final Christmas card stamp for the happy greetings card and annual letter then Old Man plays a dirty trick. There is little more convincing support for a life change, than a life change.

Why can quitting a bad habit spawn a rash of co-morbidities?

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  1. December 22, I discovered my heart was in trouble. I was totally blown away. Bad hearts don't live in my family.

    Soon, I'll find how many bypasses I need and stents will be inserted. I won't even need to wait. They do the angiogram and surgery the same day.