Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Eggs

Every year we "have to decorate eggs!" The other day I was sent out to cut down a forest for the perfect "egg tree".

I remember when I was wee-little collecting tumble-weeds that skipped over vacant land in the southwestern deserts of the US. The fun part was poking holes into the raw eggs and blowing out the insides, for the shells to hang on the weed tree.
It was simple then.

Over the years complications evolved. Eggs, dye, and weeds all developed hazards, or projected harmful toxicologies. Sucking raw eggs sends us to the emergency room with E-coli. Dyes can't have decent colors, so eggs look anemic after dipping. Tumbleweeds, and trees, are noxious pests--or, protected and require pruning permits.

So, I wonder what happened to the other eggs? The eggs in a pair that resided inside females who don't lay the kind of eggs we suck, or dye, or hang on easter trees ... ?  Do simple weighted balls, or balls inside balls, not provide the zing needed? Are toxic plastics, battery waste, and metals mouldering in landfills the safe replacement for stainless steel? Has higher evolution replaced low technology?

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