Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am going through a phase ... No posts. The railing just falls over.

I have never been anal about posting, prefering the Big Kahuna and utterly inane, that which rips out hearts and soul--or, last night's gas--to posting volume. There will never be the question: Can you live without me for two days instead of one?

There is nothing exciting about perversion, in general, and cerebral specifically. (Leaving you hanging, now.) I am addicted to both. One woman went postal over my comments on her blog. I thought we were just 'peachy keen' friends. Turns out she was a control freak, of her masochism. It's OK. This is what happens at public hangings ... Especially, when they are unplanned.

The other matter I want to bring up (as if you will ever have a choice. No, don't you dare mention it) is .... Ummm, ..... Darn, I forgot. I'll figure it out and let you know, tomorrow. You all are anxious to know, I know. 

Oh, yah...! Don't lie. Don't cheat; you only hurt yourself if you do. How many of you take chances and don't use spell check?  I have read some blogs where I know the answer without asking. I have this absolutely outrageous fetish for spelling. I think the phobia derived from business. Or, insecurity. I could say totally stupid, dumb-ass shit, but it had to be spelled and grammared correctly.  Now, years later, mispelling a word has me all tingley and arroused. Used to be lots, lots of commas.

Note, some mispellings, above, are intentional. What a rush! The real mistakes, are like forgetting to zip your pants after a trip to the urinal, or a three-foot tail of toilet tissue fluttering from the elastic of your pants. The genders share humility on my blog.

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