Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Thanks. You Know the Rule

You know the rule. The one that says: “Nobody wants to see a picture of your dick on the internet, so keep it to yourself.”  Well, I've turned over a new leaf. No more male meat from me ... on my blog. It's kind of uncomfortable to exhibit, anyway.  Public bathroom courtesy, and all. You know...

I hesitate to bring this up, because far too many guys already think their junk is a special exception. Clue: IT IS NOT.

I think I may have found an exception, however. I’m not really qualified to say, but ... never mind.  Anyway. Some of you probably want to see this.


  1. exception confirmed by popular acclaim - 100% approval of your commenters...
    in a bit of the same vein here is a youtube video involving a walrus and "self-discovery":

  2. Sunlover, you are the king of video shorts! Be sure to turn on sound when watching the walrus.