Friday, January 28, 2011

Rum and .... Cuba libre

I like my rum! It all started at bamboo Bob's 'Bamboo Barn' on Lake Chatcolette, Id. (That's a few  hairpin turns west of St. Maries, ID.) Unfortunately, the Bamboo Barn is gone. But, they made the best cube a' libra. Here's the recipe...

Cuba libre
One tall narrow glass filled with ice.
1 shot light rum
1 shot dark rum
1 shot Lemon Hart rum
1 twist of lime (about the size of 1/4 nut of male)
Balance, Coca Cola.
3 should send you over the edge. Stay away from any boats on lake Coeur d' elene after 3 of these drinks.
(note, I have mispelled every workd of this recipe . )  God, Im drunk....
For those beyond the above chef-fery, the following works wonders--it's what got me drunked. :

Short, squat, 8 or 10 oz. glass (easier to pour stuff into) filled with ice.
      (Smaller hands will prefer a skinnier glass. Just use slightly more than one shot of rum.)
Lime section, squeezed over ice. (Lime is cut into six sections.)
Rum* drizzled over lime, to 1/3 ht. of glass. Half-height is easier to measure.
Balance, Coca Cola drizzled over lime. (About 4oz. - 6oz.)

*Gosling's Black Seal. It has a seal balancing a wood barrel--the kind of seal that sits on flippers, and barks. I've tasted and drank bottles, and bottles of rum. I do like the barrel tossing seal, for both coke and straight. It is the best all round, and mid-pricing slips it into all around good rum perfectly.

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